Cornet Man

Barbra Streisand2008年8月26日


Cornet Man - Barbra Streisand (芭芭拉·史翠珊)

Written by:Merrill Bob/Styne Jule



I just put the kids to sleep


And swept the shack


Took my sweet man's satchel down


And watched him pack


I said Darlin' while the stove still smolders


Unpin your woman's hair and rub her shoulders


I threw myself across the doorway


Beggin' Stay sweet man stay


But there's more in my man's life


Than this old hag


It's Jelly Roll Morton and a shiny cornet


And jazzin' the rag


The lady ain't been born


Can take the place of a horn


With a cornet man


A-goin' where there's blowin'

Trav'lin' cornet man


Just anytime they call him

He'll leave his wife and kiddies

Sittin' with their tongues out


To play for peanuts in a dive

And blow his lungs out

He'll hop a choo-choo on a moment's notice


To play some dates with billy bates

Or Rag-time Otis


The lady ain't see light

Can give a horn a fair fight


With a cornet man


A rootin' shootin' ever-tootin' dapper Dan


Who carries in his satchel

A powder-blue norfolk suit


A silver-plated wah-wah mute


There is whiskey gamblin' each one is a curse

But I'm up against a devil that's worse

Yes a horn is my thorn

My trav'lin' cornet man


Kill yourself tell me about it


A powder-blue norfolk suit


I said a silver-plated wah-wah mute


Oh he's shy on height


He's short on weight


But he's the only man can make my coffee perculate


A Dapper Dan


My cornet-playin' man