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Harry Nilsson2014年5月5日


Maybe - Harry Nilsson (哈利·尼爾森)

Maybe maybe you wouldn't be leavin'

If only I'd change


Say I'm actin' just like a kid


Well maybe I'm doin' what I'm doin'


Cause I done what I did when I was a kid



Maybe maybe I'm foolin' myself

More than anyone can


Maybe you have found another man


Well how can you enjoy his touch

Knowin' that I love you so much



Baby oh baby


I could learn to love your mother

And your mother's sister


And if she'd visit other relatives

I swear I'd miss her


And every day before I'd go to work

I'd stop and kiss her


Maybe maybe


Oh maybe things would be better


If only a letter would come


I promise I will try please you


Can't you see how much I need you



Baby if you don't believe


Laugh at me

But please don't leave me baby