My Father’s Chair

Rick Springfield1985年7月1日


My Father's Chair - Rick Springfield

My fathers chair still standing there


All alone since the long night


Now it's three years on and I still feel


Hell come home well be alright

So wheres this healing time brings


I was told the pain would ease

But it still hurts like the first night


That night my brother


My mother and I


Were looking up


At a distant star


And wishing we


Could reach that far


And back in the house


And alone for the first time


We told each other we cared


We avoided my fathers chair


I watch my family we hold on


We are strong and well be alright

The clock continues counting down all the while

And every child will share the long night

But do the spirits meet again


Why am I still so filled with doubt


Is my soul everlasting


And the far distant future


When I knew you'd be gone


Came too fast


And stays too long

Why do they leave


The weak of spirit


And take the strong


When the world turns sour


And I get sick from the smell


And I can't find no comfort there


I climb into my fathers chair