Don't Rain On My Parade

Barbra Streisand2008年8月26日


Don't Rain On My Parade (Reprise) - Barbra Streisand (芭芭拉·史翠珊)

I'll march my band out


I'll beat my drum


Guess we didn't make it


At least I didn't fake it


Don't tell me not to live

Just sit and putter


Life's candy the sun's

A ball of butter

Don't bring around a cloud


To rain on my parade

I'm gonna live and live now

Get what I want I know how

All that the law will allow

Hey gorgeous here we go again

Well here it goes kid

No lookin' back


Stiff upper nose kid

Let's give'em hell Brice

We'll cry a little later

Well Brice that's life in the the-a-ter


Get ready for me world

Cause I'm a comer

I simply gotta march

My heart's a drummer

Nobody no nobody


Is gonna rain on my parade