Children And All That Jazz

Joan Baez1988年9月5日



Children And All That Jazz - Joan Baez

Written by:Joan Baez

Little Annie Fannie

Morgan and Christian

Katy and Nathan

Tommy and Zem Zem

Alex and JJ

Tai and Ezekiel

Amy and Josie

Matthew and Mosie

Sweet Pearl and Nicholas

Come here and tickle us

I don't like nicknames

I like to play games

One of them's batman

That's where it's at man

Look at your t shirt

I see you're all wet now

I'll give you a bath

If you'll go to bed now

Oh can't you see

I'm tired

I'm tired

I'm tired


Joey and Janet


Jennifer Joshua


Justin and Jason

Jacob and Jordan

Heather and Shannon

Marisa and Kirsten

Kimmie and David

Who shall we play with

Here comes my own son

Light of my life is

Younger than new leaves

Brighter than you please

Says that he loves me

Big as the world

And Gabriel Harris

You go to bed now

You go to bed now

It's quarter to nine

I'm tired

I'm tired

I'm tired


You heard what I said now

You go to bed now

It was a hard day

Never enough play

Iggy was sick

And couldn't come over

One of your mice died

That was when you cried

Get in the tub

And play with your boats now

Sit here beside me

I'll tell you a story

One about snakes

And anything gory

Ask me no questions

How far is the sky

And I'm falling asleep

And you're smarter than I am

Light of my life

Good night

Good night

Good night