Splintering Heart 2008 Marillion
เพลงSplintering Heart

ศิลปิน: Marillion

อัลบัม: Holidays In Eden

ออกเมื่อ: 18-08-2008

Splintering Heart

There's a hot hard hurt

Burnin' under her skin

And it pricks her like thorns

And it's needles and pins

And it twists in her body

And I know what it is


And I'm paying in pain

But it's the cost of the high

'Till the weight of the secret

And the weight of the lie

Makes my heart want to burst

Feel the ache as time goes by

Getting better and worse

Getting better and worse

And there's a screw that I tighten

As I dream of the kiss

And it twists and it cuts me

And you know what it is?

It's a fragment of love

From a splintering heart

And it tears her apart, yeah

But not as much as this


So you save up your tears

For the moments alone


'Till the splinters you gather


Leave you glass-hard and numb

And the same sun is shining


On the old and the young

On the saints and the sinners

On the weak and the strong


And there's a burning and freezing

And a cross for a kiss

So she learns to stop dreaming

And you know how it is


With these fragments of love

And this splintering heart

With the fragments


And this splintering heart


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