In The Same Room 2002 Jimmy Eat World
เพลงIn The Same Room

ศิลปิน: Jimmy Eat World

อัลบัม: Static Prevails

ออกเมื่อ: 22-07-2002

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In The Same Room - Jimmy Eat World

Written by:James Christopher Adkins/Thomas Darrell Linton/Richard E. Burch, Zachary Michel Lind


You always wrote for me ego


Risk worth taking risk worth leaving

Seems I'm still afraid to promise to promise


Too big to stop too big to hold on to

Trade up for the fast ride

Trade your friends


Train passes us


Pulling your teeth you push away away


Cancel plans cancel them all

Check your breath for cold and hold on


Please hold on


No pictures left to burn good bye to

The smell of ash and white walls blank


Phase passes us


Horizontal lines and button up


Horizontal lines and button up


The drawers of paper all say one thing

Like music boxes custom made


Time passes us

Don't move

Be still

Be silent


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