Outskirts 1987 Blue Rodeo

ศิลปิน: Blue Rodeo

อัลบัม: Outskirts

ออกเมื่อ: 14-02-1987

Outskirts - Blue Rodeo




On the outskirts of life




Seldom come true


Flippin' thru photographs


Emotional holographs


Cutouts of all the figures you might've been



Of a life


That you once lived


As the evening descends


Your conscious of every breath


And every moment is a crisis I guess


Starin' out the windows of your hotel room

You lit one too many fires

Underneath that spoon


Well I guess you deserve the chosen few


Real life


Just out of view


Well just here


On the outskirts


Of your life


And there's a picture we've all seen


It's taken in the lobby

Realy la ambassador hotel


Silhouette of a man


In another's arms


So turn off your tvs


And let that train go home


'Cause everyone warned you that California


Wasn't goin' to be end


California wasn't gonna be the end


And tell me where can you hide

When the whole world is ugly and strange


Yea tell me where you gonna turn when

This whole world knows your name


And these

Four walls are screamin'


And all your friends were so deceiving


Yea you forgot the lines of

A part you rehearsed so well


Lyin' awake in the Brazilian court hotel


But that's just here


On the outskirts


Yea that's here


On the outskirts


Of your life


Of your life


Of your life


Of your life


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