The Bard of Armagh (arr. H. Hughes) 1988 John McCormack
เพลงThe Bard of Armagh (arr. H. Hughes)

ศิลปิน: John McCormack

อัลบัม: John McCormack sings Popular Songs & Irish Ballads

ออกเมื่อ: 01-01-1988

A Bard of Armagh - John McCormack

Oh, list to the lay of a poor Irish harper

And scorn not the strains of

his old withered hand

But remember his fingers

they once could move sharper

To raise up the memory of

his dear native land


At a fair or a wake

I could twist my shillelagh


Or trip through a jig with

my brogues bound with straw

And all the pretty colleens in

the village or the valley

Loved their bold Phelim Brady,

the bard of Armagh


And when Sergeant Death in

his cold arms shall embrace me

Then lull me to sleep with

sweet Erin go Bragh

By the side of my Kathleen,

my young wife, then place me

And forget Phelim Brady,

the bard of Armagh



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