Tender Love (Album Version) 1999 Amyth
เพลงTender Love (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Amyth

อัลบัม: The World Is Ours (PA Version)

ออกเมื่อ: 28-09-1999

Tender Love (Album Version) - Amyth

Here I lay all alone toss and turning

Longing for some of your tender love


I'm waiting for the right moment to come


So I can thank you for all the tender

love you've given to me


Tender love


Love so tender


Holding me close to you


Lady I surrender


Candles they light the dark now I see


How lovely the feelings are

All the tender love you've given to me


I want you more and more


Can resist


The warmth when I feel your touch


Tender love


Share with me straight from the heart


Please let me be apart


All the tender love you've given to me


Every time I hold you it's like the first time


And every time I think about you


I just lose my mind


This is an everlasting love


That will always stand the test of time


your'e a priceless jewel


your'e my only girl


your'e my tender love

I can't resist your tender love


You know how much it means to me


Just let our bodies intertwine

Tonight is your night


I wanna make it so right



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