Four Walls (Album Version) 1999 Keith Harling
เพลงFour Walls (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Keith Harling

อัลบัม: Bring It On

ออกเมื่อ: 23-11-1999

Four Walls (四面墙) (Album Version) - Keith Harling

My Grandpa farmed for a livin'


Content to live the simpler kind of life


My Grandma she worked in the kitchen


Awfully proud to be that farmer's wife


They used to say they found they'd got everything

That they need

Each mornin' they wake up four walls


Three words two hearts one love


Here I am ring on my finger


Grandpa's little grandson

All grown up


I found my rock and I plan to keep her


I wish they were here to see the two of us


Oh they'd be proud to know we've got everything

That we need


Each mornin' we wake up four walls three words


Two hearts one love


With the highway twice as wide


And the farmland sub-divided

It's good to know that some things never change


I'm still lovin' and I'm still livin'

By those simple words of wisdom


Life an' love come down to just four things


My Grandpa Lord knows I miss him


And the way that he and Grandma looked at life


To this day I count my blessings


To have that kind of love here by my side


No matter what


We know we've got everything that we need

Bewteen the tow of us four walls


Three words two hearts one love

Four walls


Three words two hearts one love


One love


One love


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