Don't Despair (Album Version) 1997 Sparkler
เพลงDon't Despair (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Sparkler

อัลบัม: Wicker Park

ออกเมื่อ: 11-03-1997

Don't Despair (Album Version) - Sparkler (宝石)

Tell that I always look into your eyes


She gets everything she wants

I said someone wrong tonight


I am looking tired of this free lives


She is making enough with the camera now


She isn't in control tonight


She is all you want


Don't despair


Don't despair


Girl you wanna say about it clear


Going to parties


Hanging enough with the social lives


Life is a game you can't afford


Gonna be up in there now

She says I have been out for days


I don't you wanna take her


All I can say is


Don't despair


Don't despair


Where you are and the way I have bound her


Don't despair


Don't despair


Don't tell her how I have finally set my heart


Shake your body


Do you feel it so


I want it either


And it kills me bad

And now it's getting better


Do it matter

Till the burnings go


You can come down with me

Yeah yeah yeah


Don't despair


Hey don't despair


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