They Just Got Married 1989 Randy Newman
เพลงThey Just Got Married

ศิลปิน: Randy Newman

อัลบัม: Born Again

ออกเมื่อ: 09-05-1989

Here's an old, old story

'Bout a man and a woman


Gone off to California


'Cause they just got married


All their friends in Boston


Are so very happy


They're dancing in the doorways


'Cause their friends got married


He gets a job


Working in a car wash up in Santa Cruz


She gets a job


Teaching at a nursery school

Oh, they're so nice


What's gonna happen to 'em?

Soon they have a little white-haired baby


Looks just like his daddy


And they're all real happy


A couple of year go by


She's going to see the doctor


It's just a regular checkup (oh no)


Plus she thinks she might be pregnant


Anyway, she dies


And he moves down to Los Angeles


Meets a foolish young girl with lots of money


Now they're getting married


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