Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself 1995 Mxpx
เพลงSometimes You Have To Ask Yourself

ศิลปิน: Mxpx

อัลบัม: Life In General

ออกเมื่อ: 27-07-1995

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Never quite just knew how to get it through

The utilitarian sloganeerian minds

And its time to stand up and redefine the lines


right now


Compartmentalizing, isn't realizing

Because it's not affecting change in the real world

So get on with your life and get over mine

There's only one world and there's many different tastes


So enjoy, don't employ your state

Common goals, communicate to contemplate

The way things are and why

Don't pawn the status quo problems off on the other guy


Your a celebrity in your own world

Catch phrases only catching cobb webs

Spiritualized capital gain and wealth

Isn't the means to the end, isn't the end itself


Manifest individually

Manifest a sense of reality

Because it's non exclusive

Don't be so elusively blind

Things are never what they seem

You don't know what you'll find

Right now!


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