No Knock On My Door 2003 The Verve
เพลงNo Knock On My Door

ศิลปิน: The Verve

อัลบัม: A Northern Soul

ออกเมื่อ: 01-03-2003

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No Knock On My Door - The Verve

she knew my feelings were jangled and frayed


She took me into a wind blown alleyway


She showed me a world a boy should see


I'll thank her till the day that I die


So here we go no knock on my door


Believe it till you see what living has done to me


And I'm sure that I need holding


I took her to a room and I showed her myself


She made me feel proud that I would stand for


There's nothing that this girl wouldn't do for me


that I've got to thank her and I mean it for


So here we go


a face in the crowd jump up

And jump down


baby can you see through me


Sure here before no knock on my door I've been

No love in the baby please be my sky


Sure I've seen it before no knock on my door


Love in the jump can be painful I know


Cry I cry every night I need to hold you tight


Oh can you see me knocking down your door

Sure there's times I have hoped

There's times I have dreamed

Oh but it seems that much to me my love


I never seemed to it out my love


I'm shakin' yeah I'm shakin' yeah I'm shakin'



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