Mirages 2008 Marillion

ศิลปิน: Marillion

อัลบัม: Afraid Of Sunlight

ออกเมื่อ: 18-08-2008

Mirages - Marillion

Written by:Ian Mosley/John Helmer/Mark Kelly/Peter Trewavas/Steve Hogarth/Steve Rothery


Absence makes the heart go mad


All the solid things become mirages


The certain things

Sand running in the hour glass


Running away


I scream along the ledge

As the windows back and close

I go around try to prove the sunrise


I believe in belief

But it's proof I need

Can you show me it's me


Can you show me it's me


Can you show me it's me


Can you show me it's me


Traveling makes the mind go vague


All the special faces fade away


Spinning like a heat haze




Please send polaroids

Or an ear in the post


Map to the treasure

A key to the closed

I need you like hell


Can you help me again

Can you show me it's me


Show me it's me


Show me it's me


I will dry


I will out


I will cold


I need help


Trying to prove the sunrise

Trying to prove the tides


Trying to prove the blue moon sky

And is it you

Is it you


Is it you

Yeah e


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