Young Woman's Blues 1958 LaVern Baker
เพลงYoung Woman's Blues

ศิลปิน: LaVern Baker

อัลบัม: Sings Bessie Smith

ออกเมื่อ: 27-01-1958

Young Woman's Blues (Mono LP Version) - LaVern Baker (莱文·贝克)

Woke up this mornin'


When chickens was crowin' for day


And on the right side of my pilla'


My man had gone away


By his pilla'


He left a note readin'

I'm sorry Jane you got my goat


No time to marry


No time to settle down


I'm a young woman


And I ain't done runnin' 'round


Oh I'm a young woman


And I ain't done runnin' 'round


Some people call me a hobo


Some call me a bum


Nobody knows my name

Nobody knows what I've done


I'm as good as any woman in your town


I ain't gonna to marry


Ain't gonna to settle down

I'm gonna drink good moonshine


And rub these old girls down


See that long lonesome road


Oh Lord you know it's gotta in


And I'm a good good woman and

I can get plenty men


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