Poliahu 2001 Lisa Ono

ศิลปิน: Lisa Ono

อัลบัม: Bossa Hula Nova

ออกเมื่อ: 11-07-2001

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I stand at your gate

And the song that I sing

Is of moonlight

I stand and I wait

For the touch of your hand

In the June night

The roses are sighing

A moonlight serenade

The stars are aglow

And tonight how their light

Sets me dreaming

My love do you know

That your eyes are like stars

brightly beaming

I bring you and I sing you

A moonlight serenade

Let us stray 'til break of day

In love's valley of dreams

Just you and I a summer sky

A heavenly breeze

kissin' the trees

So don't let me wait

Come to me tenderly

In the June night

I stand at your gate

And I sing you a song

In the moonlight

A love song my darling

A moonlight serenade


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