In Pain (Album Version) 1996 Carly Simon
เพลงIn Pain (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Carly Simon

อัลบัม: Come Upstairs

ออกเมื่อ: 09-07-1996

In Pain (Album Version) - Carly Simon

This gray sky


Is good for cryin'


These November gray woods


Open to the fields


I came out here


In the cold


For my poor heart


Has turned to frost


I don't understand


What you just told me


What is all this about


About just being friends


It's a lousy lie


And a far cry


From what goes on


Between you and me


Pain, in pain


I'm in pain


You held me close to you

I didn't tell you what to do

We were burnin', burnin'


Burnin', burnin'


You made love to me


We were cryin', we were flyin'

We were dyin' in these fields


We'd come out here in the soft nights


I was sunburned under you


Pain, in pain


I'm in pain


Pain, in pain


I'm in pain


So you want me to say

Do you want me to say, you want me to say

Say that I don't love you


Do you want me to smile, try, lie

And look away


How far away all the stars seem


And that gypsy moon


Cries, "You're a fool"


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