Station Man 1998 Martin Sexton
เพลงStation Man

ศิลปิน: Martin Sexton

อัลบัม: The American

ออกเมื่อ: 06-10-1998

Station Man - Martin Sexton

Down around the reservation

Up around the bend

Lies a lazy little ghost town

In a god forsaken land


Set up on the platform

Wringing his hands

Humming a crazy old number

Its the station man


He sings about sweet Virginia

Sweetest in the land

Said she'd come on back for me

Just soon as she can


And the rusty track laughs

a cold phrase in the sun


You see the last train left here 1971


I can still hear the children

on the fourth of July

Down at the general store

there was a gas pump

And the church bells that ring on Sunday


Then he turns his head on easterly

Raises his hand


Pointing his shaky finger

As he tries to take a stand


U.S. highway number

one hundred twenty three


Laid concrete and steel

where my house used to be


I can still hear those children

Singing in the schoolyard

Lemonade on the back porch

As the sun went down


Rocking chair and my memories

Sold them for chump change

Sold them off to folks like you coming around


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