Polish Those Shoes 1994 Victoria Williams
เพลงPolish Those Shoes

ศิลปิน: Victoria Williams

อัลบัม: Loose

ออกเมื่อ: 14-02-1994

Polish Those Shoes (LP Version) - Victoria Williams

Potato 2, potato 3, potato 4

5 potato, 6 potato, 7 potato, more


Better run and hide if they're searching for you


Can you get home without them catching you?


In your own private hiding place

You can stand on your head


You can bake a mud pie instead

You can crawl through the brush


Or you can tell the dog to hush


be careful

You can make up your mind


Or you can lose complete sense of time

You can, somebody's ringing a bell


It's hard to tell what it sounds like


Oh, dinner bell or a wedding bell


The game must be over, it is going

It didn't catch you and you're home free


Saturday night and the neighbors are having a ball


You can hear Daddy's voice rise above them all


He's got his belt in his hand

and he's walking down the hall


Us kids are fighting, us kids are fighting


Sunday morning, getting ready for church


We thought we looked fine,


oh but it just wouldn't do

You better polish those shoes,


you better polish those shoes


No one should see the dirt you've been through

Get in there and polish those shoes


Jesus down on bended knee

With cloth in hand washed his disciples's feet


Us kids are fighting, us kids are fighting

Fighting to be one, fighting to be theirs



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