Angeline 2000 Martin Sexton

ศิลปิน: Martin Sexton

อัลบัม: Wonder Bar

ออกเมื่อ: 10-10-2000

Angeline - Martin Sexton (马丁·赛斯通)

Girl you been freakin'


Like you never freaked before


Not that freakin' is uncool


But to you I know there's so much more


Like where is that sassy child


And where is that girl's next trip


Why you been keepin' your green eyes shut


And your pretty mouth zipped

Angeline come to me


Come clean talk to me


Don't you hide come and show


Show me your beautiful side


You can call me a snoopin' dog


Tell me where you've been at


I'm gonna sniff gonna dig


Around you 'til I find what's up with that


It's making you crazy


Living by the answering machine


Open up open up sweet child


Unfold your arms for me Angeline


Come to me


Come to me


Talk to me


Don't you hide come and show


Show me


You beauty

You big big beauty you beautiful

I've been your brother


I've been your sister


I've been your loser


I've been your mister


I've been the angel and the devil on your shoulder


You know we never kept nothing but a pitchfork

And wings in between us 'til now


Knock I say knock knock who's there


Well it's me Angeline


I say knock knock who's there


I ain't no stranger

You're in no danger of losing me


Angeline come on clean


Talk to me talk to me baby


Don't you hide come and show


Show me


It's me Angeline oh yes it is child


I'm here for the duration


And my caring takes no vacation

Angeline Angeline


Come on clean


Open up those pretty green eyes for me


I'll do you no harm it'll do you no harm Angeline


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