Fever 2005 Postmen(欧美)

ศิลปิน: Postmen(欧美)

อัลบัม: Fever

ออกเมื่อ: 11-01-2005

Fever - Postmen(欧美)

They come and ask you for your life


Men it's a fever


Let love abide and joy will rise


They come and ask you for your life


Men it's a fever


Let love abide and joy will rise


The only thing next to meet is the grim reaper

While your life is terrorised by the late fever

They paralize ya by legalising the reefer


I know cuz my nose got the sense of a golden retriever

But trial is on the disbeliever

The highest bidder

We got the cure blowing out ya transmitter

Politics, music it `s all the same but the

Post not to blame for all sorrow and pain


Campaign, cuz we reign let`s get the

The kabinet changed

Keep ya to ear

To it music and we do it again

Don't let a fever ruin your plan.

The future is at hand

Don't feel accused, but you been used in many attempts

Everybody likes more freedom and more welfare

More shares of the pot that feeds'em


We talk sense if it ain't teaching

We got demands from a nation that's starving and dying to get a chance

Where's you heart at take part of a dream starting

Increased violence in the luxury life supported

Allready thought it would lead the way the finger points to


Cuz they're the ones that really you.

Men the air you breath only temporary

No money can't compete

Against the value of life we all know we need


Squeze the fever out of breathers to lust for greed

Lifes a breaze can't seem to live comfortably

Global politickin judging us scarfully

Plus the streets never really took care of we

Packin heat as means to live carefully

Reality fever


Young life insecure not sure about wrong or right

what is it that makes u fight

and why live it we know it ain't not permitted

but it does in the streets

where there's rules and they not to keep

opposite things a state of mind poverty brings.

we tell you about jobs and the value of market it in

put a target on print for the bombartment

generals marched in roll out the red carpet

there's control by the fever at the bank, it runs where the money goes

everybody love it that's how grows

pullin plugs on a mind that is easily bugged

They get you drugged, get you what?



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