Half A Man 1989 Randy Newman
เพลงHalf A Man

ศิลปิน: Randy Newman

อัลบัม: Born Again

ออกเมื่อ: 09-05-1989

Half A Man (LP Version) - Randy Newman

This big old queen was standing


On the corner of the street


He waved his hanky at me

As I went rolling by


I pulled the truck up on the sidewalk


And I climbed down from the cab


With my tire-chain and my knife


As I approached him


He was trembling like a bird


I raised the chain above my head


He said, "Please, before you kill me


Might I have one final word?"


And this is what he said:


"I am but Half A Man,


Half A Man I'd like to be a dancer


But I'm much too large


Half A Man, Half A Man


I'm an object for your pity


Not your rage"


Oh, the strangest feeling's sweeping over me


Both my speech and manner have become much more refined


I said, "Oh, what is this feeling?


What is wrong with me?"


She said, "Girl, it happens all the time "

And you are Half A Man,


Half A Man Look,

you're walking and you're talking Like a fag."


Half A Man,


I am Half A Man Holy Jesus, what a drag



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