Not For The Dough 2004 Multicyde
เพลงNot For The Dough

ศิลปิน: Multicyde

อัลบัม: Multicydal

ออกเมื่อ: 28-12-2004

(Chorus)Not for the dough

Just for the love

This is what we do

Advance above

Never meant to enter on this level

Pushin' more alliance than rebel

We break of heat from the mind piece

Move in fully functional directions

Opening your mind up on top reflections

Always rappin' straight from inside

Keep it on my mind

Illustrating up in time

How we living

Advance above

How we giving

Flick switches on the low

Don't be tripping

Got no time to be slipping in this industry

I grab myself by the neck

That ain't what it's supposed to be

But I can't handle more shit than any other

So I seek for peace under others

Cautiously fighting battles undercover


It's the magnificent wordsmith that never slip

And any rhyme I flip

Straight spitting realism on a vocal mission

Serve and protect

Always coming up word perfect

Plus I neglect

The jealousy in this industry

Instead I concentrate to be my true self

Put my dreams aside and stack them on the shelf

And move on

Advancing through my poetry

This his how I do how I live

You feel me?

Minus one for the money

Minus two for the hoes

Do my thing my own way got my own steelo

Wrap it up in genuine paper

Minus three

Can't hold more appointments for jealous enemies

The time has come

For all to stop clapping

Time to get it up

Time to cease the mind wrecking

Anyone or all can claim to be the illest

Let's come on out and see who can fulfill this


Multicyde we won't stop

Always got more gems to drop

As we're headed up for the top

Advance above

We always strike correctly

And we always rhyme perfectly

This is how we're doing baby

Advance above

You wanna know why I'm enterprising

Why I keep on rising

Pretty simple

Palish stay appetising

Analysing how to bum-rush this industry

Finally found the recepy

You with me B?

No doubt

Then let's go all out for what it's worth

Down to earth

Distinguished gentlemen

Speak so you can understand

My way of rhyme kicking

My politicking

Always making sense

No need for two attempts to clear my mind

Writing rhymes

Painting pictures so you get the deal

Prolific is my trademark recognise the real

Every track every show advance above



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