2000 Blues 1994 ZZ Top
เพลง2000 Blues

ศิลปิน: ZZ Top

อัลบัม: One Foot In The Blues

ออกเมื่อ: 22-11-1994

A hundred thousand dollars

wouldn't touch the price I paid


of the hundred thousand moments


of the times I wish I'd stayed.


But even if I had all the time and money,


it's still the same old news.


Nothin' does you any good


got when you 2000 blues.


Ten thousand clouds


on a rainy rainy day


couldn't wash away


all the dust and the haze.


But I tried and I tried


to search for all the clues,


why I can't wash away


these 2000 blues.


If I had an airplane


with a co-pilot too,


I'd fly to a planet


that was closest to you.


I'd set the tracking system


with your safety fuse,


and set the countdown


2000 for blues.


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