I Remember Sky 1989 Judy Collins
เพลงI Remember Sky

ศิลปิน: Judy Collins

อัลบัม: Hard Time For Lovers

ออกเมื่อ: 28-02-1989

I Remember Sky (LP版) - Judy Collins (朱蒂·柯林斯)

I remember sky


It was blue as ink


Or at least I think


I remember sky


I remember snow


Soft as feathers


Sharp as thumb tacks


Coming down like lint


And it made you squint


When the wind would blow


And ice like vinyl

On the streets

Cold as silver


White as sheets


Rain like strings

And changing things

Like leaves


I remember leaves


Green as spearmint


Crisp as paper


I remember trees


Bare as coat racks


Spread like broken umbrellas


And parks and bridges


Ponds and zoos


Ruddy faces


Muddy shoes


Light and noise

And bees and boys


And days


I remember days


Or at least I try


But as years go by


They're a sort of haze


And the bluest ink


Isn't really sky


And at times I think


I would gladly die


For a day of sky


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