Manifest 1970 Gang Starr

ศิลปิน: Gang Starr

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ออกเมื่อ: 01-01-1970

Manifest - Gang Starr

I profess and I don't jest cause the words I manifest

They will take you sedate you and I will stress upon

You the need for you all to feed your

Mind and soul so you can lead your-self

To keep I got a real objective here

I am effective here cause I select a clear

Message to all suckers I maul they fall from


Into the pit of purgatory


I go for glory I take an inventory

Countin all the tough luck ducks while I narrate

Relate and equate dictate and debate


My fate is to be cold makin' history

I use sincerity but I'm so very deep

Doubts are questions of all the skeptics

I'm kickin clout and I'll leave you vexed

It's just true there's nothing so-so cause I know


Right about to spin it I'm in it admit it I did it

Form you cause this is what I'm into


So chill while I instill that we all must fulfill

The proper mission for us and yo this is a must

It's usually lines of my rhymes I ingest


These are the words that I manifest I manifest


I suggest you take a breath for the words I manifest

They will scold you and mold you while I impress upon

You the fact that I use my tact at

Rhymin for climbin and chill while I attract that

Girl you're with I got a sincere quality


I give her all of me cause you're too small to be

Tryin to riff so let me uplift and shift my gift


Let's go to the fullest capacity


I got tenacity because I have to be

The brother who must live and give with much insight


Foresight to ignite excite and delight

And you might gain from it or feel pain from it

Because I'm ultimate and I'm about to let off


Knowledge is wisdom understanding

Truth's the proof so won't you throw a hand

In the air put up a peace sign and be fine

If so we're feeling good we should we could we would

Stop think for a moment ok

And then sway while I convey that we must do away

With all the stress and the strife so God bless your life

Use kindness and never blindness


And you will find that this perspective is best check it out


These are the words that I manifest I manifest


I convey that what I say will awaken you today


After jockin while I'm talkin' but anyway

That you put it I give you lyrics to live to

Righteousness rules so I forgive you this time


For you are being very ignorant

That's insignificant I guess you figured and

Hoped to be d**e as me I'd you flee


Because the rest is too much for you


I'm your professor I got the touch to

Do more than the rest who fess and can't compete

I'm elite I'll defeat delete and mistreat

Make mincemeat of other fools cause I'm the brother who'll

Snatch up the funds and make lonely ones

I meant it really cause I'm clearly obsessed and I


These are the words that I manifest I manifest


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