All My Dreams 1994 Pretenders
เพลงAll My Dreams

ศิลปิน: Pretenders

อัลบัม: Last Of The Independents

ออกเมื่อ: 01-06-1994

All My Dreams (我所有的梦) - Pretenders (伪装者合唱团)

Written by:Chrissie Hynde/Hynde


All my dreams


Still relive you


If this is what you left for me


I forgive you


Never do I despair


When I kneel to say my prayers


When slumber fills my head


I'll be visiting your bed


All my dreams


Recollect you


And so darling in a way

Our love remains new


Funny little things

You touch my fingers and fondle my rings


Then tenderly without violence


We make love in perfect silence

Come come into my room again


Come come again


Oh come come into my gloom again


End this solitude again


I finally took that picture down


I'd been staring at it for hours and hours


Slipping in and out of consciousness


But what I can't figure out

Why did you do that


Disappear on me like that


Oh baby please come back where I can touch you

Right here where I can see you

Come come into my room again


Come come again


Oh baby come come into my gloom again


Break break this solitude again


All of my dreams of your affection


Never have I known


Such sweet perfection


No drug induced bliss

Could ever reach the heights of this


Eternal and so pure


Help me to endure to endure


All my dreams


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