Everything That's Wrong (Album Version) 2002 Linda Eder
เพลงEverything That's Wrong (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Linda Eder

อัลบัม: Gold

ออกเมื่อ: 12-02-2002

Everything That's Wrong - Linda Eder

Everybody needs to be with somebody


Even after all the cold hard facts are known

Like your heart will probably break

What with all that give and take

Still you just can't seem to leave the thing alone


So you hold your breath and you count to ten


And you're scared to death but you close your eyes

And fall in love again


'Cause in the middle of the night

He'll hold you tight

And then everything that's wrong will be alright


Now you swear you'll keep romance in perspective


But, with love, it's always famine or it's feast


And a hungry heart forgets

Tends to minimize regrets

So as sure as there's a sunrise in the east

There's a silver moon that your heart can't waste

And then pretty soon, there's a stranger's kiss

That you can't wait to taste

'Cause when the apple is in sight

You take a bite

Hopin' everything that's wrong will be alright

Maybe this time jealousy

And fear will get the best of you

Maybe this time you will give a little more


Maybe this time you will look and find somebody who

Isn't quite as crazy as those times before

So you try again 'til you get it right


And you never know when to let it go

Or when to hold on tight


But when there's nothin' else that works

Well, love just might

So when romance comes along

We all struggle to belong

So that everything that's wrong will be alright


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