Everybody Makes A Mistake 1991 Otis Redding
เพลงEverybody Makes A Mistake

ศิลปิน: Otis Redding

อัลบัม: The Soul Album

ออกเมื่อ: 28-05-1991

Everybody Makes A Mistake (LP版) - Otis Redding (奥蒂斯·雷汀)

Written by:Eddie FloydAlvertis Isbell


Out in the street


Playin' all night long


While the one that loved me


Man she was sitting at home


Oh i didn't worry i was a fool


Playing the field

And running around having fun man


I know everybody make a mistake sometime


But when i got home


My baby she was gone


And i found her letter lying

Right there on the kitchen floor


It read "i tried to wait


For you to come honey


But like a fool

You were running around doing me wrong"


I'm sorry i know baby


Everybody make a mistake sometime


I know i made one


And oh so if you are running around


With somebody else


Tryin' to satisfy


Man you can't satisfy you selfish self


So man you gotta take heed


Listen to every word i'm saying


'Cause that same thing man

Might happen to you one day


And you know that everybody


Man i know that everybody

Make a mistake sometime


I know because i made mine


I made a great big one


Man i made mine


I made a great big one


And i can't do it no more


No i'm never gonna do it


I want you to come back to me baby


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