A Pagan Place 2003 The Waterboys
เพลงA Pagan Place

ศิลปิน: The Waterboys

อัลบัม: A Pagan Place

ออกเมื่อ: 03-03-2003

How did he come heer

Who gave him the key

Slipped in his hand

So secretly

Who put the colour

Like lines on his face

And brought him here

To a pagan place

Who shot the arrow

How high did it fly

When he tipped it

With poison

Did he even know why

What unseen hand

Brought him

Face to face to face to face with

All this and more

In a pagan place

Come into my parlour

Sail in at my shore

Drink my soul dry

There is always more

There is always more after

Now fly on my carpet

Look into my face

And see the heart of man

In a Pagan


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