Clever Girl (LP Version) 1988 Tower Of Power
เพลงClever Girl (LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Tower Of Power

อัลบัม: Tower Of Power

ออกเมื่อ: 02-08-1988

Clever Girl (LP Version) - Tower Of Power

Clever girl you fooled me once again


Clever girl seems I can remember when


There was a time I didn't have you on my mind


But that heart of mine made me

think the winnin' card was mine


Now I start to understand I must

be just part of your plan


Must be part of your plan girl


Just must be part of your plan


Clever girl you got me on the run


Clever girl this time lovin' ain't no fun


I knew right from the start that only

you could touch my heart


The way you move my soul girl you

have complete control


But now the time has come for me

to deal the final hand


Gonna call your bluff girl


Just got to show you my stuff


Soon the game will come to an end


And the'll be nothin' left for you

to do except pretend


You're a clever girl in the game you will remain


Oh, but clever girl thing's will never be the same


You just keep on runnin' the'll be no place to go


After all your friends have vanished

you'll find yourself alone


Maybe then you'll realize

you won't so clever after all


You're headed for a fall girl


Then you'll have no one at all


Clever girl


Clever girl


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