I Came So Far for Beauty 1998 Stina Nordenstam
เพลงI Came So Far for Beauty

ศิลปิน: Stina Nordenstam

อัลบัม: People Are Strange

ออกเมื่อ: 22-12-1998

I came so far for beauty

I left so much behind


My patience and my family


masterpiece My unsigned


I thought I'd be rewarded


For such a lonely choice


And surely she would answer

To such a hopeless very voice


I practiced all my sainthood


I gave to one and all


But the rumours of my virtue


They moved her not at all


I changed my style to silver


I changed my clothes to black


And where I would surrender


Now I would attack


I stormed the old casino

For the money and the flesh


And I myself decided


What was rotten and what was fresh


And men to do my bidding


And broken bones to teach


The value of my pardon


The shadow of my reach


But no, I could not touch her


With such a heavy hand


Her star beyond my order


Her nakedness unmanned





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