Earache My Eye 1991 Cheech & Chong
เพลงEarache My Eye

ศิลปิน: Cheech & Chong

อัลบัม: Wedding Album

ออกเมื่อ: 19-03-1991

Earache My Eye (LP版) - Cheech & Chong (切奇 & 崇)

My mamma talk'in to me

Try'in to tell me how to live


But I don't listen to her cause my head is like a sieve


My daddy he disowned me cause I wear my sister's clothes


He caught me in the bathroom in a pair of pantyhose


My basketball coach

He done kicked me off the team


For wearing high heeled sneakers and acting like a queen


The world's comin to an end I don't even care


As long as I can have a limo and my orange hair


And it don't bother me if people think I'm funny


Cause I'm a big rock star and I'm making lots of money

Money Money Money Money




I'm so bloody rich Haha Haha ha ha

I own apartment buildings and shopping centers Ahh Haha ha


I only know three chords Hahaha ha ha

Watch me burn You fools Hahahahaha


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