Work In Progress (Intro) 2017 Gucci Mane
เพลงWork In Progress (Intro)

ศิลปิน: Gucci Mane

อัลบัม: Mr. Davis

ออกเมื่อ: 13-10-2017


Work in Progress (Intro) (Clean) - Gucci Mane (古驰·马内)

Written by:Radric Davis/Timothy Gomringer/Shane Lindstrom/Kevin Gomringer

Murda on the beat so it's not nice



It's Gucci




I was piss poor sleeping on the dirt floor

And we couldn't pay the rent so it's a notice on the door

The neighbors been noticed so what I'ma front for

Using pennies for the bus like what I'ma stunt for


Mama workin' like a dog but we still broke

We lighting candles in the house 'cause the lights off

The best thing that ever happened I got kicked out

Bought me a Chevy got a grill now I'm gold-mouthed

I lost my daddy last year I couldn't even cry

'Cause it's so hard to shed a tear he didn't even try

The only person in the world I could fully trust

Was my older brother Vic that's just how it was

Top in the trunk this for Bankroll and Slim Dunk

I miss that girl Beasley she was a real one

I had an artist that I treated like my own son

Gave him the shirt off my back and my own gun

RIP to Shawty Lo Mister Don Don

It's been rainin' so long when the sun comin'

I'm drop top but put the top up when the storm comin'

Sometimes I think about my past it make me start tripping

I was gifted with a talent that was god-given

But I was so hard-headed I would not listen

Sometimes I sit and I reflect about that cold prison

And doin' pull-ups with a ni**a got a life sentence

They gave my ni**a Grant life he only gained on me

Five years later how we in the same room

You go to jail that's when you see who really love you

I don't think nobody love me like my auntie Jean do

RIP my auntie Jean and uncle Goat too

How you gon' judge me you don't know what I been through

I think these killers need a hug I need a hug too

You send a slug I send a slug you know how thugs do

But I forgive I been forgiven I hold grudges too

I'm just a work in progress I'm not even through

But I forgive I been forgiven I hold grudges too

I'm just a work in progress I'm not even through








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