Sex (Explicit LP Version) 1987 Ice T
เพลงSex (Explicit LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Ice T

อัลบัม: Rhyme Pays

ออกเมื่อ: 14-02-1987

Sex (Explicit LP Version) - Ice T

Sex I the morning,sex at night,sex in the afternoons alright

Aint a man on earth,that can stay alive

Without a drive







I was in a contest to rock the world

First prize was a virgin young girl

For four days I was up on the mic

All sucker mcs were on the bite

Bittin my rhymes,stealin my style


I rocked so hard,it wasnt true

I won the virgin girl,and her mama too

Sex Sex Sex Sex


When I'm upon the microphone

All the fly young ladies want a take me home

When the partys over,take me to their house

Throw me in the bed,know what were talkin about?

Then they say,ice-t you are the best

I love your eyes

Your things,your chest

You put all my lovers to shame

I cant remember my boyfriends name


You made me feel all hot and wet

The way you move I cant forget

I came,i came,i came again it felt so good I told my friends

You can have my cars,my jewels,my wealth

I love you more than I love myself

After tonight fulfilled I'll be

No hundred men could match ice-t

Sex Sex Sex Sex


Then she turn out the lights,throw back the sheets

And then our two hot bodies meet

And all at once she felt the thrill

The caress of the best,the ice-t chill

Start with her tongue upon the back of my leg

She didnt stop till I hollered screamed and begged

Then she rolled me over,took me to the stage

Like in the nasty book where you tore out the page

Sex Sex Sex Sex


I put it in their blouse

In their brain their little panties that their boyfriend saw

I put it in their mini skirt and up their thigh

Deep,deep girls,i wanna make you cry

I move it in and out,know what Im talkin about

Then around your neck until you show respect

Then on your cheek until I reach my peak

Then in your mouth girl,no joke,I'll take it out

Dont want to see you choke

Ill run it down your back,might cause a heart attack

Ill put it in your butt until I get enough

And then Ill take it out and put it in my pants

cause I ***** with the beat,the only way to dance

Sex Sex Sex Sex



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