Desert Sands 1998 Chris Stills
เพลงDesert Sands

ศิลปิน: Chris Stills

อัลบัม: 100 Year Thing

ออกเมื่อ: 13-01-1998

Desert Sands (LP Version) - Chris Stills

Right to my devil ways,


can you hear my soul are screaming?

Lord let me see the light of day,


song and sisters won't you hear my prayer?


Word of God come touch my hand


Why did you keep me sleeping?


Boy, 'twas to make you understand

Devil's running in the desert sands

Is this darkness that I see before me,


darkness before me?


Devil's running in the desert sands,


La da da.....


Come on baby help me please,

now honey, tell 'em girl it wasn't me, sister

I'm begging girl, I'm down on my knees,

won't you tell a lie?


Girl, I know I saw you there,

and I know you saw what I did


I've got to count on you, girl,

don't let me die


All I really want from you,

is to turn and look the other way


It won't hurt you from inside,

don't let me die



Let the desert see light...



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