I've Been A Gaylord 1996 Pet
เพลงI've Been A Gaylord

ศิลปิน: Pet

อัลบัม: Pet

ออกเมื่อ: 03-09-1996

I've Been a Gaylord - Pet

his jaw has fallen

and said bones smooth away


You finger for the shape of

Him with your hands


But these teeth won't twitch


or tounge a word


His mouth rounds over

and you don't recognize him

a a a a a a a a


la la la


The skin's so loose

You can slip on his face


And with a few flicks,


gestures lay into place again


You speak his words

That you've written on your hand


But with no voice to match,

They spit up in your lap


And people laugh


Because they don't recognize it


Can you sincerely incant


to bring him back?


Can you be a girly man

and let him go?


Or will you just zip

into his empty skin?


Plant his lonely bones

and be his puppet ghost


Until there are only his words


left to say


Until you are nothing

But his sweet jackie-o


Until you don't recognize



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