Shamaya 1995 Susan Aglukark

ศิลปิน: Susan Aglukark

อัลบัม: This Child

ออกเมื่อ: 24-01-1995

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Susan Aglukark - Shamaya Deep in time a hunt took place That made a boy a man A song was sung to celebrate And welcome each new hand The story of Shamaya The song that brings to life The hunt that each boy had to face The hunt of joy or strife And he knows, there he goes Shamaya, shamaya So they pedal down the waters edge A journey of first rites His trembling hands are clenching tight Excitement in his eyes The old man starts to tell him Of a journey just like this When forty years before he'd lost himself In this same myth And the boy became a man Shamaya, Shamaya He hunts with such a vengeance The passion turns to pride The hunt no longer born of need But fueled by his desire Shamaya's not a myth he learns It's a parable of life So when you know your needs too great You should put out the fire And journey on, journey on Shamaya, Shamaya


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