State Of Mind 1996 Beth Hart
เพลงState Of Mind

ศิลปิน: Beth Hart

อัลบัม: Immortal

ออกเมื่อ: 21-05-1996

林一峰 - State Of Mind

作曲:林一峰 填词:林一峰 专辑:一个人在途上

I remember you just like your coffee hot

Take no pictures of the things that you ani't got

So softly so gently

You left me with my beating heart

Unknot my throat I ease my soul

with a cold cold beer

Take some time recalling you

with some warm warm tears

For someone or something

Never meant to be

Just spread your wings and fly away

and just leave it all behind

When you think of me

Remember I'm your state of mind

I'll spread my wings and fly away

and I'll leave it all behind

If I think of you

You're just another state of mind

Doesn't matter where I go or whom I'm with

Makes no difference

where you'll be or who you'll see

Close your eyes make your peace

Down your heart where I'd be


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