J. Beez Comin' Through (Album Version) 1989 Jungle Brothers
เพลงJ. Beez Comin' Through (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Jungle Brothers

อัลบัม: Done By The Forces Of Nature

ออกเมื่อ: 01-11-1989

J-Beez Comin' Through (Album Version) - Jungle Brothers (森林兄弟)

Uncle Sam Mike G Baby Bam

Road manager Chris this joint is slammin'

500000000000000000000000 boomin' watts

Sound system state of the art

Travel lytely clothes packed neatly

Strapped with the baby bam baby bam beat see

Pull in early do the sound check

I wanna get on but the crowd ain't around yet

I scream out jungle so you know that I'm here

Give a shout out to smokey the bear


It's almost time it's almost time


It's almost time to bring forth the rhyme


Any minute now any second now

Pay attention close we're gonna show you how

Come along everybody let's gather round

Once again we're gonna get on down


Give ya somethin' to go home and talk about

The odds were against us but we stayed and

Fought it out

I heard you was long overdue


Who's comin' through yawl know who


Jmes brown's getaway bridge


Toe to toe yawl blow for blow yawl

Mike g gonna show em what we know now


Indeed the seed of peace is here to give ya

What ya need

J. BEEz in the lead

I took a plane cause it was just too far to swing


To bring my jungle thing

Packed my clothes gettin' ready for a trip


Planned my moves so my mind won't slip

I wrote some rhymes with a positive message


In case some head in the crowd might tape this

Very bad brother from another land

Known to the world as the motherland

Afrikan can do and will achieve

To teach the world in what he believes


Another brother may try to bring me down


But I let 'em know I don't clown around

If ya play around then ya lay around

If ya lay around then ya stay around

Ya see ya can't keep a brother from doin' his do

So keep in mind J. BEEz comin' through


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