Love & Death (Album Version) 2003 The Sun
เพลงLove & Death (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: The Sun

อัลบัม: Love & Death (EP)

ออกเมื่อ: 22-04-2003

Love & Death (爱 & 死亡) (Album Version) - The Sun

You have been smart and stop


You bring the man high drops


Into a cool out love and death

Brave me


And two thoughts and blood so top for

You are my dear


Oh my dear


Yeah I bring that floor that you fight hot star



Now you'll be see the else

Cause now last got my wash

Now wash

I said take my breath

Cause I don't know body say like this


Darling I don't each please then

When you just stand


Cause I've been waiting so long


And I love the hero


But a little love kid


Yeah you gonna trust this crazy space in my agree

But I gonna take you in me too


Cause I've been dreaming about loving days

At the same time a heartache


What's been wanna round the second lover

Turn down my dear my dear

I said don't believe our body the days love you


Darling in the end love be so clear


Don't go back in my heart


And they get to


Darling you get to


Cause cold in the world

Cold in the world

When I break your heart to


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