Lover Lies 1999 The Atomic Fireballs
เพลงLover Lies

ศิลปิน: The Atomic Fireballs

อัลบัม: Torch This Place

ออกเมื่อ: 18-05-1999

Lover Lies (LP版) - The Atomic Fireballs (原子火球)

And when I woke up


I thought that she'd be gone


But she tied me to the bedpost


Put my stuff out on the lawn


She said she knew of


Of a love that never dies


She discovered


How a lover lies


She stood there silent


With anger in her eyes


In the past she never guessed it


But she finally realized


She thought she knew me


It should come as no surprise


She discovered


How a lover lies


I ran around with Lucy Brown

And Tyler too


Not long ago

I did not know she knew


She made her acquaintance


Now her patience


Is finally through


She says I'm just like


All the other guys


And she thinks that it's no wonder


At the false is on the rise


But there's one thing


I cannot compromise


When I discover

How my lover lies


Now night is falling


Thoughts running through my head


I shut my eyes over


And waking them up dead


It'd have a suspect


She says she's justified


'Cause she discovered


How her lover lies


She found a crime


She'd wish they'd legalize


When she discovered

How her lover lies


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