Making Flippy Floppy (Live) 2003 Talking Heads
เพลงMaking Flippy Floppy (Live)

ศิลปิน: Talking Heads

อัลบัม: Stop Making Sense

ออกเมื่อ: 01-03-2003

Making Flippy Floppy - Talking Heads

get in line

Nothing can come between us


Nothing gets you down


Nothing strikes your fancy


Nothing turns you on


You don't have to wait for more instructions


No one makes a monkey out of me


We lie on our backs, feet in the air

Rest and relaxation, rocket to my brain

Snap into position


Bounce till you ache


You step out of line and


And you end up in jail


Doctor, doctor


We have nothing in our pockets


We continue


But we have nothing left to offer


Faces pressed against the window


Hey, they are just my friends


Check this out, don't be so slick


Break our backs, it goes like this

We are born without eyesight


We are born without sin


And our mama protects us


From the cold and the rain


We're in no hurry


Sugar and spice


We sing in the darkness


And we open our eyes, open up


Oh, I can't believe it


When people are strange


Our president's crazy


Did you hear what he said?


Business to pleasure


Lie right to your face


Divide it in sections


And then give it away


Well there are no big secrets


And don't believe what you read


We have great big bodies


We got great big heads


Run, run, run, run it all together


Check it out, still don't make no sense


Makin' flippy floppy, tryin' to do my best


Lock the door, we kill the beast, kill it



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