Scrapbook 2004 Chicago

ศิลปิน: Chicago

อัลบัม: Chicago X

ออกเมื่อ: 12-11-2004

Scrapbook (LP版) - Chicago (芝加哥合唱团)

Written by:Terry Kath


Six sets smoked on Saturdays

At barna by's on state


Countless California calls

We could not stand the wait


We played the pier on venice beach

The crowd called out for more


Zappa and the mothers next

We finished


With roar


Jimi was so kind to us

Had us on the tour


Have for education


Like we never got before


Around world in twenty days

We played most every night


Jet lag girls strange languages

Everyone began to fight


Lowdown at the caribou


All rumors aside


Was we could never get together

Not unless we tried


Summer with the beach boys

We got sand all in our shoes


Made some special music


Everybody sang the blues


Everybody sang blues


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