Desert Blues (Big Chief Buffalo Nickel) 1988 Leon Redbone
เพลงDesert Blues (Big Chief Buffalo Nickel)

ศิลปิน: Leon Redbone

อัลบัม: On The Track

ออกเมื่อ: 20-09-1988

Desert Blues -Leon Redbone

Way out on the wind-swept desert,


Where nature played with no man


A buffalo found his brother


Lying baked on the sun-baked sand.


Said my brother what ails you?

A sickness got you this way?

His brother never said

'cause his brother was dead

He been dead since way last May


Big Chief Buffalo Nickel


might a mighty man in his day,


He never want used a sickle


To clear the bushes away.


He'd roam around from tent to tent,


Eat everything in sight


He loved a squaw, every one he saw

He loved a new one every night.


oddli wuli li li ……


Way out on the wind-swept desert


I heard a big noise,


I left my tent I knew what it meant


What I never known before.


It was gone when I reached St. Pete

My legs were certainly sore,

I musta lost 50 pounds

on that hot desert ground

And I'd lose that many more.

Odli wuli li li li ……


Ah oddli wuli li ……


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