Seeds For The Love (Remastered) 2004 Michels
เพลงSeeds For The Love (Remastered)

ศิลปิน: Michels

อัลบัม: Crazy Enough - The American Full Moon Sessions Vol. II (Remastered)

ออกเมื่อ: 28-12-2004

Seeds For The Love - Michels

You are the flower in my heart


That grows the seeds for the love

That goes to you


You are the sunlight in the dark


And when you touch me

I can always feel the spark


That gives the power to survive


And to love you as you are

As you are


The love that you give

Makes me wanna live

Lightens up my life

Makes me manage to survive

Oh darling, sweet flower in my heart


You're the milk in my coffee

I'm the honey in your tea

I wanna spend my whole life with you


Yes, I love you as you are


Take me, take me, take me as I am


Touch me, touch me, let me feel the spark

Deep in my heart


Touch me, touch me now


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