Middlename 1995 Mxpx

ศิลปิน: Mxpx

อัลบัม: Life In General

ออกเมื่อ: 27-07-1995

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Emotion, is my middle name

I lay in bed and listen to the rain

Put happy thoughts in to my head

But I find instead the hurting words you said

Why won't you believe me

When I tell you the things that I see?

And I'll still see you tomorrow, at the show


It's been a long winded, long time

I wish I'd never met you

I wish I could forget you

And what you said

You're directing your complaints to me

I should walk away, I could easily

Never hear a word you say

I'm not your robot or your slave


I won't behave, I'm not your toy

Go on go bury me with self righteousness


I confess, I'm just a boy


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