Movies Is Magic (Album Version) 1995 Brian Wilson
เพลงMovies Is Magic (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Brian Wilson

อัลบัม: Orange Crate Art

ออกเมื่อ: 14-11-1995

She slid on her dress under that melancholy moon

Somethin' to impress him hopin' he would be there soon

She gonna run away


He got a Chevrolet


She wanted Nat King Cole

He got a Jelly Roll

Whole lotta heart and soul


Saphron and a river rat are rappin' at her door

Take her to a picture show she sure ain't seen before

She was a debutant

Give it just what she want


You tell her just where to go

Down to the drive in show

You be my riverboat


Movies is magic


Real life is tragic


Fundamental though it seems

When you're livin' in your dream

And you wake up it's over


Movies is magic


Real life is tragic


I regret I gotta say

It is time we get away

To the movies and magic


Cowboy dressed like injun popped right off that silver screen

Scarlet up like a jukebox for a dreamboat Delta Queen

Raindroppin' all around


Put up the top you clown


And turn on the Nat King Cole

Off with the rock and roll

To the movies and magic


Movies is (movies is) magic (magic)


Movies is magic

Real life is tragic


And as time goes by and by

You will often wonder why

To the day that you die

'Cause movies is magic


Movies is magic


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